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Project Description
An administrative module for DotNetNuke websites that exports selected user accounts in CSV, XML or XLS formats. The export may be saved to a portal file, downloaded or emailed to one or more users. corresponding import function for XML will be written at a later date.

DNN User Export was written to satisfy a client's need to export user accounts from a DotNetNuke website to Microsoft Excel and Outlook as wells as to Gmail contacts. In addition to export in the CSV (comma separated values) format, export to XML and XLS was also provided. The administrator may select users to be exported by one or more security or social group roles, created date and last login date and may exclude uses by other security roles as well. The destination of the export may be to a portal file, download, or email to one or more addresses. All user profile properties including custom ones may be selected for inclusion in the export. Administrator and Host users may also choose to export decrypted passwords if they are stored in a decryptable manner (not hashed).

It is expected that later versions of this module will provide additional filters for user selection and implement import of user accounts from an XML format export. Currently the XML format includes role and social group information as well as user information.
Date of Initial Release: December 19, 2011

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